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When our photographer arrives, they will want to begin working right away so it is important that everything is ready to be photographed. They will be photographing both the interior and exterior of the property. With these guidelines, you can make a big impact on how well the final product looks, so let's get started!


The Exterior

The primary photo used to showcase your property is very important. We want to attract as many buyers as possible.

  • Remove all tools, hoses, lawn mowers, etc.

  • Make sure the property has been maintained (trimmed foliage, mowed lawn, clean gutters etc.).

  • Remove all children's toys.

  • Move any recycle/garbage bins out of sight.

  • Make sure no vehicles are in the driveway, on the property, or street side in front of the property. If needed, park your vehicles in front on the street and then move them when the photographer arrives to make sure no vehicles are in the photograph.

  • If there is a pool, make sure it’s clean, move all cleaning supplies, toys, covers, any child gates out of sight.

  • Turn on all pool features, lights, and fountains.

  • Remove any covers and store them out of sight (grills, spas, pool).

  • Sweep driveway, sidewalks, and any lanai/patios, remove any stains.

  • Arrange any lawn furniture, set out cushions, open umbrellas.

            The Interior

  • Hallways should be clean and clear of any clutter or obstructions.

  • Remove any stains or cobwebs from the ceiling and walls.

  • Remove any items for pets (food dishes, toys, bedding, etc.).


  • Clean windows throughout the house are VERY IMPORTANT!


  • Straighten up furniture.

  • Remove items from bedside tables (magazines, books, picture frames).

  • Make sure beds are made.

  • All clothes should be put away and out of sight.

  • Clean closets.


  • Clear off countertops (toothbrushes, shavers, tissue boxes, hair products, soap dishes).

  • Remove any shampoo/conditioner bottles, washcloths, and any other products from the tub/shower.

  • Make sure glass doors are clean from soap scum.

  • Remove any child training aides.

  • Toilet lids should be down and free of decorative covers.

  • Remove trash cans and rugs.


  • Countertops should be clean and clear of almost all appliances. Counter space is VERY desired!

  • Clean window above the sink.

  • Clean appliances and polish if needed, especially stainless steel.

  • Remove and recycle/trash bins and rugs/mats.

  • Make sure the refrigerator is clear of any notes, photos, magnets, etc. and that nothing is on top.

Dining Room

  • Clean and set the table as if you are hosting a dinner party.

  • Include a centerpiece of colorful flowers or decorative candles.

Living Room/Entertainment Room

  • Clean and dust entertainment centers and electronics. Especially darker colors and glass.

  • Conceal all cords if possible.

  • Remove all remotes, magazines, picture frames, etc. from tables or shelves.

  • Make sure any shelves are not cluttered with books, sculptures, etc.

  • Consider temporarily removing some furniture to free up space.


Making your listing as attractive as possible is the objective of our services. Our photographer will capture the images that provide the most attractive viewpoints while minimizing any imperfections as much as possible.   

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